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  • 22-09-2012
  • One day motivational training program was conducted for the employees of Hindustan Unilever Ltd, Dapada on "Team Building" on 1...

  • 22-09-2012
  • Jk Nair had conducted a motivational training program on "Executive Skill Development" for the employees of Met Trade India Ltd...

  • 01-10-2012
  • Mr. J.K.Nair will conduct a training program on "Team Building", "Stress Management" and "Effective Leadership&q...

  • 09-07-2012
  • Mr JK Nair will conduct the next training at Jaipur and Haridwar on 30th July and 1st August respectively on "Effectiveness in Super...


  • T.M.Solanki (Deputy mgr-mech)

    T.M.Solanki (Deputy mgr-mech)SAURASHTRA CEMENT - The prg was very useful for personal, social and professional life. I request you to organ...

  • Harshil Gondia

    Harshil Gondia (Saurashtra Cement Ltd) - Very very excellent training. It was mind blowing. & was really useful for our day to day life (bot...

  • Deepak Sharma

    Deepak Sharma (Chambal Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd)- You shared a lot of knowledge with us which will be very useful for our growth. You gav...

  • Deepak Sharma

    Deepak Sharma (Chambal Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd)- You shared a lot of knowledge with us which will be very useful for our growth. You gav...

  • Anshul Bafna - Shree Cement, Beawar

    The prg was very useful and informational. It also gave solutions to many behavioral problems i am facing as a fresher. Thank you.

  • Om Prakash Singh

    Om Prakash Singh - Very useful tips & tricks shared by Mr.J.K.Nair on the subject.

  • Nozer Variava

    Nozer Variava Excellently compiled and delivered with a touch of humour, which makes it very interesting to attend.

  • Ajay Kumar Mishra

    I am really thankful to my organization to give us a chance to attend this training prg as it was a very session for me and I am sure it wil...

  • Ajay Kumar Mishra

    KMML – 29-05-2012( executive skill development prg) Visakh - The only class were everyone was fully interactive. Thanx and all the very...

  • Ajay Kumar Mishra


Igniting Intuition
Soft Skill Training

In todays outraced and tremendously competitive world, personality traits go a long way in deciding the success rate from person to person. Therefore the exclusive way to taste the success is to have the essential skills that are required in todays' organizations.

What is soft skill training?
Well, soft skills are very important in any management firms. It should be technically sound but the person should also have the capability to express the idea to the masses and that too in quite simpler form.
As long as technical skills are concerned, they are important too but they are not enough to move up the corporate run. So, here comes forward the need of soft skill training.
Soft skills help to shape one's personality and plays an important role in his/her professional development, that's why has become the the essential training part in management program courses worldwide. Organizations all over the world have realized the need of soft skill training courses as it helps to maintain the good relationships with the customer for long years. Thus, soft skill training has gained a fame in recent years.

Here is the list of soft skills that are essential for every pragmatic professional:
Behavioral training experts say there are numerous soft skills that are required, some of them are:

Soft skills training Institute
It is widely seen in the current business scenario, that India will be soon facing a serious manpower shortage. Yes it's true as the phenomenal growth that the Indian economy has found in the last 10 years was largely beaten back by the growth in private sectors such as It industries, Retail, Hospitality, Travel, Financial Services etc. This growth is now threatened because of the effectiveness. The talent has been limited because of lack in soft skill management.
There are various soft skill training institutes that helps you to gain skills that are required in organizations at the entry level, supervisor level or managerial level.

Now the question arises, whether the formal training will help you to enhance your soft skills?
There is a lot of controversy in the corporate market as to whether it is really possible to increase soft skills in a few hours of training periods? Personally, we can't comment on this, but a professional does not have any other option if he wants to become successful in his/her life.
Training on soft skills is important or rather relevant in countries like India, where the education system does not dig into personality development.
While getting trained from soft skill training institutes, initiate yourself your own soft skill trainer!

Always make it clear that people are judged according to their responses.
Any form is working with the people, hence the soft skills are all about how you deal with the people and how you pose yourself.
Soft skills can be simply increased by being aware of oneslf and have deep self confidence and self esteem in us.